Wind energy can provide a clean, sustainable solution to our energy problems. It can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels in generating electricity, without the emission of greenhouse gases. It is envisaged that wind power will make the most significant contribution to the achievement of national and international targets for green renewable electricity, due to its environmental benefits and increasing competitiveness.

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Renewable Energy Systems recognises the importance of providing only first class wind energy products to the Irish market and to this end is delighted to have partnered with both Kingspan Wind (KW3 & KW6) & Seaforth Energy (AOC 50kW Turbine) to distribute their best in class range of wind turbines. RES,  together with its partners,  will take complete advantage of Ireland's unique geographic location and provide a wind energy solution that fits the bill for domestic and commercial premises alike. Wind energy systems not only help customers reduce their electricity purchases from utilities, they also help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and they are a non-polluting sustainable energy solution.