FAQ’s on wind turbines for Ireland

IS MY SITE LOCATION SUITABLE?: The figures below represent our experiences in the two categories of “good” and “excellent” sites. We do not install in less than good sites.  


Wind Turbine size

Annual output on a good site

Annual output on an

 excellent site








How much will it cost?

Each installation must be priced separately as no two sites are the same, access and ground conditions vary greatly from one part of the country to another. A site visit from RES will answer any question you may have, there is a charge of €100.00 for an engineer to carry out a site visit and determine site suitability for a wind turbine.

What is a grid-connected system?
A grid-connected system feeds power directly into your main distribution board. If your wind turbine generates more power than you can use it will either divert to a dump load such as a hot water cylinder or export the extra power directly into the national grid.

If there is a power cut the wind turbine will have to stop generating for safety reasons. This is an automatic safety feature and no intervention is needed by you. When the grid has been restored your wind turbine will automatically commence generation again.

What is a direct heating system?
A direct heating system feeds power into a series of small heaters (either water or space heaters) and is used in conjunction with your existing heating system.

Can I power two houses from my wind turbine ?

No, although this is technically possible but our experience to date is that the local utility company do not support this facility.

What are the wind turbines made of?

The blades made in Ireland of Twintex, which is a glass thermoplastic composite, the towers are galvanized steel and the covers are polypropylene or hardened polypropylene.

How long will the wind turbine take to pay back?

Most customers will achieve payback between 10 and 12 years.  We can supply a more accurate estimate after surveying your site.

What is the life of the wind turbine?

Kingspan wind turbines have a design life of 25-years and an expected operational life of 40 years. They are amongst the best built and hardest wearing turbines in the world. Unlike most other turbines on the market Kingspan units have a long track record as they have been installed for almost 20 years. Known as the world’s most robust wind turbine they have been tried and tested in the most severe wind locations on the planet. It is this robust nature and their ability to generate through storm force winds that makes them the most suitable wind turbine for Irish conditions.

Can my turbine cope with coastal locations?

All Kingspan wind turbines are marine grade, constructed with galvanized steel, stainless steel and fully encapsulated epoxy generator parts, they can withstand any amount of salty, turbulent sea air. We have a number of sites on the coast as well as a number offshore on oil platforms and lighthouses.

How far away can I mount the turbine from my house?

We advise a minimum of 20m and a maximum of 500m depending on the wind turbine and cable required.

Do I have enough wind?

A site visit by a qualified proven engineer will determine if your site is suitable or not. RES can arrange this service for you.

What space do I need to erect the wind turbines?

The standard tower that we recommend is 15mts although lower towers are available. Your site conditions will determine the height of tower needed.

Planning rules

Should your site conditions determine that you need to go through the planning RES can assist in this process. The current regulations exempt most agricultural sites assuming the total height of the turbine is less than 20 meters.

Are there any reference sites I can go to so I can see them for myself?

Yes, RES would be delighted to facilitate this

Do the turbines stop in high winds?
No, the turbines keep operating in high winds due to their unique design. This is why the Kingspan wind turbine outperforms the other turbines on the market. The Kingspan turbine will continue to generate wind energy at just slightly off peak right through storm force winds. This is what makes the Kingspan unit so suitable for the Irish climate where winds in the winter regularly reach storm force

What is involved in servicing?

On your annual service, the turbine is lowered down to ground level through a winching process. Once this process has been completed the covers are removed and the three bearings are greased, the slip rings are polished and the unit generally checked over for any wear and tear. This service will be provided by RES

Can I do my own servicing?

Turbines must be serviced by RES during the warranty period. Should you wish to complete your own service post the warranty period, RES is happy to provide you with training in its Baltinglass training facility.

If I purchase a wind turbine can I do my own foundation work to reduce cost?

Yes, you can but RES will need to be on site for the foundation pouring work. RES will be happy to coordinate this with you at the time of your install

Can I put a wind turbine in my garden?

If you have a big garden with good exposure then you will have a good chance of having a suitable site, otherwise our equipment might be a bit big and unsuitable for you. RES recommends a site visit to determine the suitability of your site and the cost of this service is €100.

What is the warranty offered?

We offer a 5 year standard warranty.

Can I get a service / maintenance plan?

Yes, service and maintenance plans are available and a quotation for this can be prepared for you

Are Kingspan wind turbines noisy?

No, they are about the quietest turbine on the market today. This is because Kingspan turbines do not use a gearbox, the blades rotate at a relatively slow rpm and the aerodynamics of the blades the turbines are quiet in operation. A site visit to a locally installed turbine will put your mind to rest and this can be facilitated at the time of your site visit