RES offer a full wind monitoring service for customers. We can supply, install and monitor full anemometry kits for rental or purchase. Please contact us directly for full details


The NRG 40C anemometer is the industry standard anemometer used worldwide. NRG 40 anemometers have recorded wind speeds of 96 m/s (214 mph). Their low moment of inertia and unique bearings permit very rapid response to gusts and lulls. Because of their output linearity, these sensors are ideal for use with various data retrieval systems.

A four-pole magnet induces a sine wave voltage into a coil producing an output signal with frequency proportional to wind speed. The 40C is constructed of rugged Lexan cups molded in one piece for repeatable performance. A rubber terminal boot is included.

Wind Measurement
Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857), was responsible for the Beaufort scale of wind force, the knot (one nautical mile per hour) which has been the standard measurement for wind speed until quite recently. Modern meteorological practice however is to use metres per second (1 metre per second = 1.94 knots = 2.24 miles per hour).

The wind at a particular location can be influenced by a number of factors such as obstruction by buildings or trees, the nature of the terrain and deflection by nearby mountains.

The prevailing wind direction in Ireland is between south and west.