Pellet Top Brochure



The OCTOPLUS with its low output, small footprint is ideal for passive homes. The Octoplus offers the comfort of a fully automatic power plant (500 l buffer tank with a generous solar register + pellets burner) and combines solar and pellet technology in perfect unity.

The directly flange connected pellets burner unit balances the temperature difference as required, optimizing the use of solar energy. Due to the downward combustion technology and the controlled combustion, efficiencies up to 94% can be reached.
Highest efficiencies - compact construction - perfect boiler control!
·         Can be placed anywhere space-saving and compact construction,
·         Simple hydraulic connections,
·         Easy and intuitive touchscreen control: ecomanager-touch
·         Constant high efficiencies: patented, fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning guarantees a constant heat exchange at a high level
·         Excellent combustion at highest temperatures (1000-1200°C by downward combustion technology / wood gasification technology)
·         Patented Lambda sensor technology, well-proven since 1981
·         Continuously variable ID fan
·         Generously dimensioned, removable ash box.
Tech Specs                                          OctoPlus 10     OctoPlus 15
Power (kW)                                                           2.9 – 9.9                 2.9 – 14.9
Flue pipe (mm)                                                    130                         130
Approx. weight (kg) Storage tank                      150                         150
Approx. weight (kg) burner unit                         55                            55
Water content (l)                                                  500                          500
Intermediate container (l)                                  49                            49
Storage tank (mm) without insulation             700                         700
Storage tank (mm) with insulation                   890                         890
Total weight (kg)                                                  285                         285