Pellet Top Brochure


The SolarFocus Pellet Top 15kw and 25kw is without doubt the finest wood pellet boiler manufactured. The pellet top has a unique downburn technique, lambda sensor automatic ignition induced draft fan (patented) single axle rotary-vane feeder, giving 100% burnback protection and automatic heat exchanger cleaning. The pellet top comes with the option of a vacuumed or Auger feed system all this with combustion efficiency of 96.8% puts the Solarfocus pellet top head and shoulders above any other wood pellet boiler

Biomass wood pellet stoves with performance and combustion regulation system. Compact steel construction with heat-resistant firing chamber. Performance regulation for the wood pellet stove uses induced draft fans and lambda sensor to control combustion and secondary air motor flap. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning device with large ash compartment incl. ashtray. Automatic ignition using energy-efficient glow pencil.

The high-performance suction turbine installed in the boiler transports the pellets from the end of the projection system (not included) into the integrated pellets storage container (60 litre capacity). The patented, single-axle rotary feeder ensures correct dosing of the fuel and 100% protection against burnback.

Complete with modern regulation system and full-graphics display, simple operation using control knob, integrated, weather-controlled heating circuit regulation system for 1 heating circuit and 1 tap water storage tank. 32-bit processor with fully digital combustion control system. Updatable system (also via telephone). Remote maintenance and system checks possible via ISDN connection. The control panel can also be installed in the living area.

Supplied with all sensors and pre-fitted stylish cover.
Colour: grey with silver/red

Technical Data

Performance 4,5 - 14,9 kW 7,3 - 25 kW
Combustion Efficiency 94,8% 94,9%
Fire tube 0 130 mm 130 mm
Fire tube: Height 615 mm 755 mm
Storage volume 71 I 87 I
Height 1430 mm 1550 mm
Width 555 mm 555 mm
Depth 1085 mm 1200 mm
Weight 329 kg 357 kg